How To Attach A Guitar Strap – Put On Guitar Straps

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How To Attach A Guitar Strap – Put On Guitar Straps

Guitar straps can help you move more freely and comfortably while you play. However, it can be hard to attach it, especially if your guitar doesn't come with the parts you need to attach a strap.
Here are some tips to help you quickly attach guitar straps.
With two strap pins,
Look at your guitar strap and you'll see that each end has leather (or something similar) tips with a circular hole and slit at the end.
On your guitar, look for two small pins that are about the size of a pencil point. When you leave your guitar upright, leaning against a wall, it usually has one on its bottom. This is where the guitar touches the ground when you do this. It's usually on the bottom. Usually, the other strap pin can be found at a spot on top, behind the neck's heel.
In order to connect the guitar strap, you just need to put each end over the pins. You should gently pull on the material to make sure that you have a strong hold on it.
In that case, what would you do?
If you buy a guitar, you'll usually get two strap pins so you can quickly attach it to your body. Some guitars have only one pin on the bottom, though. Manufacturers may leave out the top button strap on certain guitars because they have a different shape or because they think it looks better that way.
To connect your strap, you can either put in a second pin or use thread.

Putting in a Second Strap Pin
Make sure to go to your local music store or shop online to buy a second strap pin at a cheap price. Each package usually comes with two buttons, two washers, and two small screws, but this is not always true.
If you can, ask a professional, like a music store owner or your guitar teacher, where to put the second strap button. This is to make sure that you get the right fit and don't damage the guitar.
The most common places are on the side or back of the neck, as well as on the heel (base of the guitar neck). To mark where you want to go, draw a small dot on a piece of masking tape. Then, make a hole big enough for the screw that comes with the pin.
Then, screw the screw through the button and washer and into the hole. A piece of felt could be used between the pin and the guitar to keep it from getting scratched.
With two strap pins, you can do what we talked about above.


If you don't want to drill a hole in your guitar, you can use string or thread instead.
To find one, you can look around your house or buy some at the store. Thread should be strong but not too thick. Even some straps have strong laces you can use.
String one end of the guitar strap through the hole, then tie it around the neck of the guitar above the first fret. You need to make sure that the thread doesn't touch the strings. Put it under the strings.
This method is very simple, but it isn't as strong as using a pin. However, you're attaching the strap to a different place on the guitar, which might make it more comfortable for you to play the guitar this way.
One way to make this method more durable is to buy a guitar strap with a loop on one end that you can thread under the strings. However, these kinds of straps usually cost more money.
Is there anything you can do if your guitar doesn't have strap pins
Not all of them have strap buttons, but that's true. You can find out how to put on guitar straps without pins in this case. There are a few ways.
If you want, you can put both pins in at the same time. One will be at the bottom of the guitar and the other at the heel of the neck. Some people drill a hole in the bottom and then tie a piece of string to it.
Another way to avoid drilling into your guitar is to buy a different kind of guitar strap. Some well-known companies make straps that have the main loop attached to the sting with a small hook at the end, like this one.
Over your shoulder and under your arm, or around your neck. Strap the guitar on top of the strap, and let it hang straight down from the guitar You can do this by putting one end of your strap under the guitar and then pulling it out. Then, you can bring it up and hook it on the edge of the sound hole.
If you don't want to put strap buttons on your classical guitar, this is an easy way to use a strap.

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