How To Connect Bluetooth Soundbar To TV?

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How To Connect Bluetooth Soundbar To TV?

Soundbars are amazing devices that can play music or improve the sound of TV shows. They can't be beaten.
Is that right? You have a TV and a sound bar. What's next? You've only used Bluetooth a few times, and you don't know how to connect the soundbar to your TV because you don't know how. Make sure there aren't any wires all over the place.
To help you, we've put together a quick guide. So, put your feet up and enjoy yourself. Let's look at it. How do you connect a soundbar to your TV through Bluetooth?
There are a lot of different ways that Bluetooth works.
It's important for us to learn how Bluetooth works first so we can figure out if we can connect our soundbar to our TV.
Bluetooth devices connect to each other through a process called "pair." For two devices to be able to connect, both must be able to use Bluetooth.
People who use Bluetooth can get data from a source device (like their phone), connect it to a second device, and use the data. Using your soundbar instead of your smartphone's speakers to play music would be better. A soundbar is made to play audio at the highest level, so using your soundbar instead of your smartphone's speakers would be better.
Bluetooth can also be used to send messages to other devices, such as smartwatches, and receive messages from other devices. Using Bluetooth, data is sent from your source device (like a smartphone) to your secondary device (like a tablet) (smartwatch.) This is how calls and texts work on both.
Then, it's important to know how these things will work together. Both of the devices need to be turned on so that they can be found. A device's name, services, basic information, and more can be seen by other devices when Bluetooth is set to "discoverable," which means they can be seen by other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
As soon as the devices are no longer found, you can then pair them together. This is how it works: You can send what you want to another device once they've been paired together and they connect. In this case, we want the sound from the TV to be played through the soundbar.

Soundbars and TVs in different models

You can turn on your soundbar's Bluetooth in a different way for each one. As a start, here are some:
If you look at the soundbar and its remote, you'll see that there is a Bluetooth button on both. You'll have to press one of these buttons for about five seconds for the Bluetooth to start being found by other people. In discoverable mode, lights will go on and off. When the soundbar is connected to a second device, the light will stop flickering and stay on all the time instead.
Bose soundbars are different from each other, so in order to set it to discoverable mode, you'll need to figure out which one you have. It doesn't matter, though. LED lights will still show (by flashing and not flashing) if your soundbar is in discoverable mode, just like the Vizio models do.
The remotes for Yamaha models have a Bluetooth key on them, which is a little different. Flashing will show that you're in a mode that can be found, and a steady glow will show that you're connected.
There is a button on the remote that says Bluetooth. You just have to press it. Done!
As for Sonos' soundbar, you can't connect Bluetooth to it. You could, however, connect it to your TV and use it. We'll look into that soon.
Setting up Bluetooth on your television.

So, your soundbar is on and in the mode where it can be found. Now, your TV needs to find out about it. Most of the time, it isn't as simple as setting up Bluetooth on the soundbar. So, let's look at some TV brands:


You may need to press the menu button and then scroll down to system or setup. This will depend on your model and whether or not it has Bluetooth. Then, you'll want to click sound and then audio/link to get to the audio and link.
It's not always the case, but if it is, press the home button to get to the home menu. You then have to go to the settings. Sound, then sound output, and then you have to choose. Then, you can choose your soundbar from the Bluetooth suggestions that come up.
TCL: Press home, settings, remote & accessories, and then select add accessory from the menu on the home screen to add a new accessory. You should be able to find your soundbar after a short search.
Element: Press home, then settings, and then controllers and Bluetooth devices to get to them. It's all you have to do is find your soundbar!
After you follow these steps, you should be ready to go. It's important to check to see if the soundbar is in a mode where you can find it. You can try turning Bluetooth off and then back on again if you're still having trouble. Another way to fix this is to unplug your devices and fix them.
You need to connect your soundbar. If Your TV Isn't Bluetooth-Ready.
So your TV doesn't have Bluetooth. Don't worry, I'll help you. Even if you don't want wires all over the place, you can still connect to each other wirelessly.
You'll have to buy another thing, though. BT transmitters and receivers can be found in stores and on the web. There is a cable called an AUX that they'll use to connect to your TV. You can use a short cable to keep your place safe and clean. If your TV doesn't have a place for an AUX cable, you can still connect with RCA.

Connecting your soundbar to your TV by hand.
In the same way, you can connect. You can buy a transmitter and receiver and plug them in to the AUX or RCA port on your TV.
Of course, if you don't buy a second Bluetooth device, you'll have to connect manually.
Connecting your soundbar to your TV by hand.
If you still can't connect because of compatibility or other major problems, you could buy new tech equipment or just go old school. This means that you will need to connect your soundbar and TV with either an AUX cable, an HDMI cable, audio jacks, or RCA wires.
This means your TV might not be able to play sounds right away. You may need to check the settings and then the sound to choose where the sound will come from. Until the right device is chosen, your TV will be mute.
Bluetooth can be a very useful tool for us to use, but it isn't always the best. Always try simple fixes first if you're having problems before you buy new tech!

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